Zara is a human experiment that was seen hanging out with Dr. Hazel Zoula in particular back in New York City. She has claws like that of Wolvierine from the X-Men.

Zero HourEdit

Her role in Zero Hour so far has been shown that she took on the corrupt version of Viper, which was nothing more than a shadowy like creature. She first fought against it in Times Square before loosing track of it. Before long, they found the creature again at Grand Central Station, where it vanished with herself to a dessert.

After the fight in the dessert, it vanished with her once again and reappeared in a park, which turned out to be back in New York, in Central Park where they continued to fight it out.

Outside of Zero HourEdit

She, along with Viper and Dr. Hazel, helped to assault the Idaho Prison Base before escaping to Las Vegas. After fighting with the Hunters there in Caesar's Palace, she and Viper vanished to assault the Washington D.C base lead by Vladimir Dietrik.

There she fought against Trinity but was beaten and captured.

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