Yuri Kerzach was a scientist stationed at Pelvanida during most major incidents in the bases' history. After the terrorist incident, he took on the identity of Steven Irving. While undercover in Dragonstorm, his codename was Aeneas.

His signature item was his switchblade.

Character sheetEdit

His character sheet, posted by Serris, is as follows:
Name: Dr. Yuri Kerzach
Age: 34
Species: Cassowary
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: knows his way around the sublevels, knows about the sublevel inhabitants, has EMT-B level first aid training.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: Fearless, though sometimes crude and acidic. Has a twisted sense of humor.
Equipment: Handheld radio, small swtichblade style pocket knife (not a weapon).

Character historyEdit

Kerzach was stationed at Pelvanida during the virtual reality machine incident; Dr. Bruce Tinner coded his office into the virtual Pelvanida used as a backdrop for the final test. Kerzach was working on creating small hadron colliders for use as weapons. (Schrodinger's Prisoners)

Kerzach was in his office when the terrorists attacked and barricaded himself in his closet. He was recued by members of James' team, and witnessed the intial assault by Keegan O'Neil, Pietr Kozlov, Howard Hicks, and Lester Montgomery in his laboratory.

He helped carry the captured Kozlov, Hicks, and Montgomery to Rudyard Shelton and the men in the control room. There, he became Shelton's technical assistant, replacing the previous technician who died.


Kerzach writes a book about the ordeal James' team survives. (Ask the Characters) He was late to the movie theater reunion because of a book signing. (Disruptive Selection)



  • Kerzach appears in five stories. The only character with more story appearances is Rudyard Shelton, with six.
  • Kerzach is the only main character from the first role-play whose character sheet was posted after the beginning of the RP.
  • Kerzach is the only character to appear in stories written by three different authors (Fool's Gold by Serris, multiple by LettuceBacon&Tomato, and the Disease by f-22 "raptor" ace)
  • Kerzach, a scientist, serves as Shelton's assistant during the first RP. This makes him one of few characters to serve as a scientist and an assistant.
  • Kerzach is the protagonist of Fool's Gold, making him the first furry protagonist in a story.
  • Kerzach was not originally going to appear in Pavlov's Checkmate but Serris requested his inclusion. His role was originally filled by random men working under Hans Donitz.
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