Dr. Wiley Babcock, more commonly known by his Dragonstorm codename Calchas, was a Dragonstorm scientist stationed originally at Pelvanida Research Base. He specialized in electrical machinery.

Character historyEdit

February 2009Edit

During the terrorist attack, Calchas met with several Dragonstorm scientists at the hidden lab which was declared their unofficial headquarters during the event. When Keegan O'Neil, Pietr Kozlov, Howard Hicks, and Lester Montgomery left to find and kill James Zanasiu, Calchas was put in charge of the headquarters and kept in touch with O'Neil via radio. Later, when Hicks and Montgomery returned to the secret lab, they left the door open and knockout gas spread from auxiliary control and knocked out all the scientists in the lab, including Calchas. (Darwin's Soldiers)

before September 2009Edit

Calchas escaped Pelvanida's destruction and continued to work for Dragonstorm, mainly through the function of electrically torturing prisoners. He was eventually stationed at the Texas Base.

September 2009Edit

Calchas fixed up the Thor's Iris for Johnson Zenarchis' use and tortured Shakila Brennan for information with the undesired help of Death and Kyriel. Calchas then planned to rape Shakila, but before he could do so Rudyard Shelton arrived and worked with Shakila to defeat Calchas by forcing him into his own electrical chair. Shakila turned his machine on himself, causing lethal amounts of damage. He finally died when Death re-visited Texas Base and drained his life energy. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Comments made during his torturing of Shakila imply that he is embarrassed about his real name.


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