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Whittaker was a CIA agent who visited Pelvanida immediately following the terrorist incident.

Character history[]

Whittaker visited Pelvanida to inform James Zanasiu that he and his team have all been blacklisted to prevent them from sharing any secrets about the Einstein-Rosen bridge. He also informed James that the government will be willing to send James and his team through the bridge since they could care less about losing them.

Whittaker was later present at the hearing where James proposed his candidates for the away team. (Card of Ten.)

Later, Whittaker was stationed at Carson City Camp and interrogated Sophie Donitz. When Steven Johnson, Carol Smithson, and Oscar Shelton refused to cooperate, he executed the general's orders and locked the three in the brig. Later, when the radios were down, Whittaker assembled additional protection for General Jake Moby's office. (Next of Kin)

Whittaker visited Werner Donitz, James Zanasiu, and Pomson in the Las Vegas hotel while they were investigating why members of James' old team were dying. (the Disease)



  • Whittaker is the first character who never appears in the role-plays, appearing in the very first scene of the first story.