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Wayne Anthony was the assistant to Dr. Robin Kyle, and one of the founders of the Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance.

Character history[]

February 2009[]

Anthony was seen twice during the original terrorist invasion. He was the one that discovered the bodies of Johnson Zenarchis and Steven Cass, and later was present when James' team first met Keegan O'Neill and Pietr Kozlov. (Darwin's Soldiers)

July 2009[]

When a large number of scientists and personnel lost their jobs after the 'Pelvanida Incident', Anthony managed to keep his job, and during the second invasion was working in the cafeteria at the salad bar. He recognized Rudyard Shelton and brought the entire team to the ADSA headquarters hidden in the meat locker. Later he, Dr. Fenton Bradley, and Riley traveled to the team to the control room. Anthony was beaten unconscious by Dragonstorm soldiers when the control room was attacked. (Survival of the Fittest)

Anthony survived the destruction of Pelvanida when Dr. Bradley dragged his unconscious body into a reinforced cell in the sublevels. (Disruptive Selection)

September 2009[]

Wayne was held by the FBI for information following the incident, and wasn't released until September. He traveled to Crimson Base and helped Drs. Bradley, Falco, and Bjurling work on a serum to kill Dragonstorm experiments.

Wayne survived the destruction of Crimson Base because Siberys' powers relapsed and he created a force field around the two of them. After that, the pair traveled to find Josephine Smithson, Victor Summers, and their team. On the way, they gave a ride to Neville Ivers, Kiara, and Ryu Kagetora.

At the hotel, Wayne informed Dr. Zanasiu about what happened, and gave him a pistol loaded with the only remaining serum-bullets. He then went upstairs to grab Dr. Joe's team, and was left at the hotel when James' team drove off to Texas Base. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Anthony was originally created because several times in the first RP, Serris accidentally referred to Zachary as "Anthony", and so the authors decided to make Anthony a seperate character.
  • Anthony is one of the few background characters to appear in all three RPs. He's also the only known surviving member of ADSA.