Wasdarrow is a town in the country of Georgia. Rudyard Shelton graduated high school in Wasdarrow High School, and briefly attended their state college before earning a Microsoft scholarship that let him transfer to ETH Zürich.

Wasdarrow High School was the earliest period of Shelton's history ROSS was able to find while researching his creator's history on the internet. (Byte Me)


  • Like most names in Byte Me, Wasdarrow is a computing pun; in this case, its a combination of WASD and "arrow keys", two popular methods for controlling the main character in video games.
  • Shelton's attendance of Wasdarrow High School in 1986 is the earliest known confirmed part of Shelton's history. Despite this, he is explicitly mentioned to be a "transfer student" so it does not confirm that Georgia is where he was born.
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