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W-Y Industries is a supercompany that was active in 2009. One of the leading manufacturers of prosthetic limbs and other cybernetics, it was alos famous for caring very little about its public image, regularly relying on its power and influence to engage in immoral, but unprovable, pursuits. Keegan O'Neil attended University of California, Three Rivers because of a W-Y scholarship due to his dad's involvement as a company hitman. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

James' team found evidence in September 2009 that W-Y had ties to Dragonstorm. James Zanasiu briefly considered raiding a W-Y factory, but ultimately the team never did.

Rodrigo Sanchez was the Chief Financial Officer, and also liason to Dragonstorm. He visited Dr. Keegan O'Neil at New Peenemunde Harbor and warned that until the resistance was handled, the battleship will be his last investment for the organization. (Disruptive Selection)

Sanchez also controlled a team of artificial intelligences who called themselves "Alts", and electronically attacked W-Y competitors. However, when the Alts betrayed a foreign AI who wanted to join the team, said AI killed all of them and leaked evidence indicting Sanchez in a number of illegal doings. W-Y forced Sanchez into retirement immediately thereafter due to crippling political scandal. (Byte Me)


  • W-Y's full name, Weyland-Yutani, was regularly used by Serris when referring to the corporation. However, the only other author to mention the company, LettuceBacon&Tomato, disliked the blatant Alien reference and would only call the company by its intitials. This Wiki uses the abbreviated version because it is the most commonly used form of the name.