Vurna was a colony founded on Gaman's moon by the surviving inhabitants of the Gaman and Sapaar camps after their first tropical storm.


It was named after Werner Donitz, who also served as the colony's first leader. Vurna was situated at the base of the Brut Mountains, and the colonists lived in thatch huts. The Sapaar colonists tended to prefer keeping their huts in the mountain cave system.

When Werner realized he would soon fall unconscious because of the gate plague, he promoted a triumvirate to succeed him: Trano to represent Sapaaar interests, Menken to represent Gamanian interests, and Sophie Donitz to cast the tiebreaking vote if the two ever came to disagreements. Unfortunately, Sophie rejected his offer and fled the moon through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Trano and Menken proved to be poor leaders and ran the colony into the ground, though things improved after Sophie returned with the cure to Werner's disease. (Next of Kin)


Notable locationsEdit

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