LettuceBacon&Tomato has posted a number of ambitious video game projects on

See also Find the Cure! and Gamer 2, completed video game projects.

Darwin's Soldiers:The Video GameEdit

Darwins html

A posted screenshot of the Javascript game.

A rather simplistic Javascript game started for a programming class in college, Lettuce only mentioned that it proved to be above his coding abilities, and he made a checkers game instead.

Unnamed AGS projectEdit

His next project focused on Adventure Game studio, and was planned to star ROSS. He mentioned it would have been an escape-the-room game focusing on how artificial intelligences see the internet, so common real-world objects would take the place of (and be named as) computer terms. For example, a key sprite may be named "password".

This game was later adapted into a short story, "Byte Me."

Seska DonitzEdit

Seska Donitz

The extent to which Seska Donitz was designed.

A short-lived project started with RPG Maker, Lettuce quickly grew dissatisfied with the level of customization available and abandoned the platform after being unable to design the protagonist in the image he wanted. Taking place 50 years or so after the events of Ship of State, it would follow the daughter of Werner Donitz and Seska on the merged Gaman/Sapaar colony of Verner as she attempts to recover the pieces of the Einstein-Rosen bridge and open it to Earth. Lettuce has stated that because his problems were entirely platform-based, he is still interested in reviving this idea as a game in Multimedia Fusion 2.

This concept was later adapted into a short story, "Next of Kin".

Shelton on the JobEdit


The opening lines to Shelton on the Job

The next game was planned to be made in Inform 7. It would have starred Rudyard Shelton on his first day on the job at Pelvanida, and would have included a fully-explorable Pelvanida with a number of NPCs to interact with and puzzle-solving. The only screenshot revealed the name to Dr. Denning-Rodger, the control room admin Shelton replaced.

Gamer 2Edit

Update: This game has been released

Hailey 1

Hailey and Kora share dialogue in Gamer 2.

The latest and most recent game attempt utilizes the Multimedia Fusion 2 system, and serves as a continuation to MrDrake's story Gamer. Hailey, trapped in the virtual-reality machine, attempts to escape with the help of Kora, a sympathetic NPC.

Gamer 2 gameplay

Gamer 2 gameplay

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