"Under-Covered" is the third episode to Chasing Seconds. It was released on October 23, 2013 and can be read here.


Tiffany Harris, a news station anchor for WBPI News, cuts to field reporter Wayne Largis who plans to demonstrate a trip through the Einstein-Rosen bridge. While the news cameras do not function within a wormhole, the trip to Cairo works as planned, to Wayne's delight. Harris then reports on the recent breakin to the Smithsonian.

Cut to James Zanasiu Jr, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan looking for the potential bridge coordinates at Tenant's Way. They unwittingly trespass on the Stripper mafia territory, and Junior is captured.

Florence and Malte recoup at a cheap bar, and Malte reveals he stole a bridge key, a necessary component to making a bridge work. After a surprise police ambush, they are rescued by Cimarron, who reveals that she could use their help. In return, she would help them rescue Junior.

Junior, meanwhile, is tortured by the mafia leader Asusana. When Florence and Malte infiltrate the mafia as newcomers named Krystal and Bruno, they meet up with Cimarron's mole Kamaile Melodie, who distracts Axel the security guard. Cimarron begins her coup, but Asusana reveals Junior, threatening to slit his throat if Cimarron doesn't stand down. The standoff is broken when Pomson and a legion of police officers rappel from the rafters.

Pomson chases the trio through the melee, and emerges to find they supposedly jumped through an open bridge. Cimarron bluffs her into leaving, not revealing the three are hiding behind crates and didn't actually jump. The next day, she promises them a free trip through the bridge, but when Malte protests, allows them to travel by their soon-to-be-retired cargo ship S.S. Desnuda.



  • The title, like most of the other episode titles, has two meanings. Firstly it refers to Malte and Florence sneaking into the mafia under assumed names, and secondly it can refer to the lack of covering when one strips.
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