Trano was a Sapaar, the leader of the Sapaar moon colony.

Character historyEdit

Trano survived the destruction of Gaman in one of two shuttlecraft that Sapaar successfully launched. Trano attacked the three Gamanian shuttlecraft, but was chased off by Werner's superior flying ability.

Trano's shuttlecraft landed on Gaman's moon and formed a colony. Trano's colony attacked Werner's twice and made only a cursory attempt to open friendly trade negotiations.

Trano led all his Sapaar to capture the Einstein-Rosen bridge on the day of its completion, a maneuvre which caused the fuel to run out before anyone could use the bridge. Immediately afterwards, the Gaman and Sapaar united into one colony, Vurna. (Ship of State)

When Werner fell ill with the gate plague, he promoted Menken and Trano to lead the colony in his stead. Menken and Trano proved to be poor leaders, but managed to find common ground in their difficulties leading, and Werner insisted they retain leadership even after he was cured. (Next of Kin)



  • Like many other characters from Gaman, Trano's name is a warped name from Shakespeare. Namely, Tranio from Taming of the Shrew.
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