Three Rivers is a town in the United States, Caifornia.

University of California, Three Rivers, commonly abbreviated to UC3R, was built here.

Three Rivers has a major crime problem. A smuggling ring operates there, as do a large number of gangs and criminals.

Dragonstorm was formed at the university some time around 1994 by four students, Johnson Zenarchis, Pietr Kozlov, Lester Montgomery, and Howard Hicks. Keegan O'Neil joined later. Dragonstorm made heavy use of the criminals and smugglers operating in Three Rivers to begin their network of ilicit operations that would grow to massive proportions by 2009.

The Lapin Amore was a French restaurant off General's Highway.


For a list of students at UC3R, see the school page.

In real lifeEdit

Three Rivers is a real town near the middle of central California. Unlike in Darwin's Soldiers, it has no gang or criminal problems, and is mainly populated with upper class suburbs and an Artist's Colony. LettuceBacon&Tomato has said that he picked the town for Nietzsche's Soldiers 3's setting because it was "the most peaceful, quiet, uneventful town he's ever visited."

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