A thought chip is a device used to connect to the thought network.

Dr. Bruce Tinner came up with the first concept of the thought chip, though his were designed to affect the visual part of the brain, rather than the audial, and connect with his virtual reality machine. When Eddie McKay and an AI destroyed the machine, a team of Dragonstorm scientists including Rudyard Shelton adapted them to their current function.

Most thought chips allow the user to send messages either to specific individuals or to everyone in range. Shelton's is also capable of picking up messages not sent to him.

The members of Neku's team (Ryu Kagetora, Roy Hawkeye, Cale, Slash, and Agito) have had their psionic powers enhanced by Oruboros and can also access the thought network. Unlike users with thought chips, they can listen in on messages which are not sent specifically to them. (Disruptive Selection)

People with thought chipsEdit

Everybody in Dragonstorm has a thought chip (unless they died before Disruptive Selection). In addition, Rudyard Shelton took the chips from the five deceased members of DS-1 and inserted them into James Zanasiu, Shakila Brennan, Hans Donitz, Micah Landon, and Thomas Stern.

Aydin retained possession of his thought chip after defecting from Dragonstorm.

After Roux had her thought chip removed following her capture by James' team, Landon embedded her thought chip into Sharon Varma. Keith Bailey also has obtained a thought chip, though it is unknown how.

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