The Portable Layered-Plating Dome Shield, known colloquially as Thor's Iris was a very expensive device designed to protect its user from all forms of damage.

Appearance and FunctionEdit

The Iris was a large metal backpack with a pull cord. When the cord was pulled interlocking metal plates would extend out and form a dome around the user. This dome, according to Rudyard Shelton, was capable of blocking bullets, flames, missiles, radio waves and terminal velocity impact.


The Thor's Iris seen in the story was one of several made. It was part of Sir Beys' private collection of expensive weapons while assistant to the CEO of SORA Gas & Electric. While DS-1 was there, Dolon broke into Beys' closet and stole it. It saved his life in the wind tunnel and later he used it to save himself, Amphinomus, and Protesilaus from the collapsing base. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2).

It was safely returned to Dragonstorm. As it became increasingly apparent that James' team was getting closer and closer to finding him, Johnson Zenarchis took to wearing it for protection at all times. He wore it during the final shootout at the oil rig. It blocked a fire axe attack by Yuri Kerzach, and later Zenarchis stunned him by dropping it on him while Kerzach was climing a ladder. It then clattered off the rig and sank into the ocean. (Disruptive Selection)

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