Deadwood Youth Correctional Facility, known colloquially as Texas Base because of its status as primary Dragonstorm headquarters on the state, was nominally a juvenile hall. However, the inmates were regularly experimented on and their mind wiped. Johnson Zenarchis was the leader of the base along with Kyriel, and Lester Montgomery took Zenarchis' place immediately preceding the base' destruction.

Texas Base had a thought chip relay which intercepted all thought messages and ran them through a clearance scanner before they reached their intended recipient.


In September 2009, Rudyard Shelton and Yuri Kerzach relocated there after barely surviving unrelated attacks on their previous posting by Soundwave and Pestilence. There Shelton appointed Kerzach to Zenarchis' personal bodyguard.

Later that day the entire population of inmates was killed by Death on a visit. He also killed Calchas at this time, after Shelton freed Shakila Brennan from Calchas' torture.

A few days later, James' team attacked en masse and destroyed the base, with only Famine providing any sort of difficulty. Zachary Slavik lost his life here. The base was destroyed when Kagetora set up a number of charges around the base. Only Zenarchis and Kerzach had escaped by jet beforehand.

Outside the base James' team was assaulted by a crack team of ninjas. Here Pauline Wayne was killed and Roux sustained life-threatening injuries that required her stay at the hopspital in Platanna. (Disruptive Selection)

Known personnelEdit

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