Terrorists served as the main villian for the Darwin's Soldiers (Furtopia RP), the Darwin's Soldiers (GOF RP)
and Darwin's Soldiers Reboot.


The terrorists were originally conceived as "terrorists without a cause" but they were later turned into violent anti-technology radicals who plan to destroy Pelvanida as a statement.

However, in the GOF RP, their motive changed again. They planned to steal supplies to build an Einstein-Rosen Bridge and kill everyone in the base so they remain undected.

Notable terrorists (matter universe)Edit

Pelvanida personnel who allied with the terrorists (matter universe)Edit


  • It is mentioned that the terrorists are based in America.
  • The terrorist faction was dropped for future RPs.
  • Hans Donitz is the only terrorist to appear in multiple RPs or any of the expanded universe stories.
  • A captured terrorist who was strip-searched in the Furtopia RP provided the only instance of nudity in all of Darwin's Soldiers until Disruptive Selection.
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