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'Terrorists' is the term commonly used to refer to a camp of desert-based insurgents who lived in the Nevadan desert settlement. The terrorist ranks were recruited by Halsey and primarily made up of disgruntled immigrants such as Hans Donitz. In February 2009, the terrorists made national history by attacking Pelvanida Research Base in an attempt to create an Einstein-Rosen bridge. (Darwin's Soldiers)

Hans Donitz, a lieutenant during the Pelvanida Invasion, defected to James' team and with his son Werner Donitz went on to fight a number of adversaries including Dragonstorm, Trinity, and Richard Warden. (Survival of the Fittest, Disruptive Selection, Pavlov's Checkmate)

In September 2009, a few Messerschmitts attacked a convoy of Dragonstorm transport planes. The planes were fought off by the jet carrying DS-2, when Hans Donitz relayed their weakness (sharp turns) to Rudyard Shelton. Following that, Hans and Werner left James' team to return to the terrorist camp and help Hans' brethren integrate back into modern society. (Disruptive Selection)

Hans and Werner helped the settlement overcome the grief of their family members' deaths from earlier that year. Several decades passed in relative peacefullness until 2033, when Pomson returned to warn them that three offspring of the Pelvanida scientists were coming for their settlement. Under her leadership they captured the three and prepared to kill them, but the settlers were convinced to spare their lives by Werner, who died for that cause when Pomson shot him. ("CS:Signs of the Father")

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The terrorists worked in tandem with Ashley's terrorists in the anti-matter universe. The only other named terrorist was her second-in-command Leither, though a burly terrorist was also notable. (Ground One)