The unnamed technician was the original assistant to Dr. Rudyard Shelton in the control room when the terrorists attacked. He noticed Hans Donitz release Joey from his cage on the security cameras, and alerted Shelton to this fact. This later helped Shelton trust Hans.

When terrorists attacked the control room, the technician grabbed a Derringer and left the control to defend the exit. He was presumably killed. (Darwin's Soldiers)



  • He is one of the few 'good guy' casualties of the first RP.
  • He was created by f-22 "raptor" ace for a small scene, and after that was played by LettuceBacon&Tomato until his death. This makes him the first character whose primary player was not his creator.
  • Unnamed technicians were created in both follow-up RPs as homages to this character.
  • In Ask the Characters, Shelton revealed that this character was named Terrance. He also stated that if he'd (knowingly) had a child, he'd have named him after Terrance.
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