The Stripper Mafia was a powerful crime body controlled by the strippers of Tenant's Way. As the largest criminal force in the city, they had the police, populace, and economy under their control. Before 2033, their leader Cimarron paid almost all of their funds to secure a prototype Einstein-Rosen bridge to be used for smuggling purposes, but her second-in-command Asusana used this chance to seize power.

However, in 2033, Cimarron enlisted the help of outsiders Malte Kerzach and Florence Brennan to infiltrate the mafia and warn insider mole Kamaile Melodie that a coup would be happening soon. The head of security, Axel, was sufficiently distracted, and the coup was successful, though not without lives lost.

Following this, the newly reenacted Cimarron revealed that she had obtained paperwork to make the Tenant's Way bridge an official part of the bridge network. She also worked with the police to turn the stripper mafia into the more-legitimate Stripper Police Force. ("CS:Under-Covered, The Meaning of Love")

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