Steven Johnson wrote a book chronicling the ordeals the away team endured after jumping through the Einstein-Rosen bridge. The book covers the events he personally witnessed, interviews with the other two survivors (Oscar Shelton and Carol Smithson), and educated guesses on what fates befell the deceased party members.

He was forbidden to publish his manuscript while he lived at Carson City Camp due to the NDA covering the disastrous away mission, but this didn't stop him from sending a copy with Sophie Donitz when she jumped through the bridge to reach anti-matter Werner and Hans on Vurna. He also promised to write a new chapter detailing the discovery that Hans and Werner were still alive. (Pavlov's Checkmate, Next of Kin)

Sometime after September 2009, Steven ends up violating his NDA and publishing the book, not wanting his teammates to have died in vain. It creates a massive public scandal, and the government ends up allowing the breach because it helped draw attention away from the recently-resolved Dragonstorm incident. (Ask the Characters)

Events chronicled in the bookEdit

The surviving characters only witnessed certain parts of the away team's adventures:

  • Steven and Carol participate in James' first visit to Gaman, subsequent murder of Siberys and rescue of all other missing away team members except Werner.
  • Oscar and Carol participate in James' second visit to Gaman and witness the ultimate destruction of the planet.
  • All three characters participate in the events of Pavlov's Checkmate, including witnessing Lockdown's death.
  • None of the characters are aware that James traveled to early Gaman history with Seska and became the founder of Gaman civilization.
  • None of the characters are aware of any of the events from Ground One or Ship of State, though they later learn from Sophie that Hans and Werner survived and are alive on a colony on Gaman's moon.
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