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Sophie Donitz was the daughter of anti-matter Werner Donitz and Seska. She was born in Vurna colony on Gaman's moon.

Character history[]

Sophie was born less than 15 years after Vurna's founding. She had a troubled childhood due to being the child of the colony's leader, and the only other child she considered a friend was a Sapaar named Aron. Both of them developed a predilection for smoking sallowroot and would sell it to the other kids to stop them from beating Aron up.

One day, Sophie's mom Seska fell into a coma, and Werner and Hans discovered that they would soon suffer the same fate. Werner attempted to make Sophie one of the three leaders of the colony, along with Menken and Trano, but Sophie rejected the offer and fled into the desert during a tropical storm. She survived the storm, and while wandering the desert discovered the Einstein-Rosen bridge, intact and covered in sand. She secretly returned to Vurna and, with Aron's help stole several Shuttlecraft power cells to fuel the bridge so she could jump to Earth and find a cure for her parent's illness. She was successful, and emerged into the ruined husk of Pelvanida sometime after 2009.

Following directions given to her by a friendly undead experiment, Sophie crossed the desert and hitchhiked to Dayton with a driver named Ernest. She was apprehended by police after making a mess in Corey's gas station but transferred to Carson City Camp after they heard her story about being born to Werner on Gaman's moon.

After briefly meeting Whittaker and General Jake Moby, Sophie befriended Drs. Carol Smithson, Steven Johnson, and Oscar Shelton, Werner's surviving teammates. After she fell into a coma from the disease, the three kidnapped her from the camp and, after picking up Aisha Tennes and Micah Landon to cure her, drove her back to Pelvanida just in time for her to jump home.

Back at the colony, Sophie saved her parents' and grandfather's lives with the provided cure. A month later, she and Werner witnessed Pomson emerge from the Einstein-Rosen bridge and open diplomatic negotiations with Vurna. (Next of Kin)


  • Aron mentioned that three other kids in the colony were named after Sophie. Werner mentioned that Sophie was named after Catherine the Great, whose birth name was Princess Sophie.
  • Sophie is the only known character with one anti-matter and one matter parent.
  • Sophie Donitz has a Russian first name and a German surname. A different child of a main character, Malte Kerzach, has a German first name and a Russian surname.