Slash is an experiment from Pelvanida Research Base. He is almost aways seen with Agito.

Character historyEdit

Slash and Agito were two of the experiments kept in the sublevels, considered too dangerous and generally unsuited for work outside their heavily armored cells. They were freed like all the others when the terrorists attacked and opened the sublevels to retrieve Lockdown. Unlike other expierments who took clear sides on the fight (such as Cale) or remained hostile towards everybody, Slash and Agito displayed very fluid and difficult-to-read motives; they seemed to side with whoever they felt at the moment, their only clear loyalty beng to each other. Ultimately they joined Cale, Neku, Roy Hawkeye and Ryu Kagetora in a tight-knit group that helped James' team defeat the terrorists. (Darwin's Soldiers)

They then participated in James Zanasiu's raid on Pelvanida a few months later, as represetatives of Ouroboros (Survival of the Fittest) This continued into September 2009, until the Ouroboros teammates revealed themselves to be Dragonstorm spies. They left the team, but not before striking up a 3-way romantic relationship between themselves and Shakila Brennan. They later helped Rudyard Shelton rescue Shakila from Texas Base, and took her safely to the Ouroboros hideout.

The three escaped the Ouruboros hideout and were unseen for thirty years, never even claiming their millions of dollars in hush money offered by the government. Living relatively poor lives in Detroit, Shakila, Slash and Agito reunited with the others at the movie theater in 2039. At this time, they learned about the millions in uncashed checks waiting for them, and lived lives of luxury. (Disruptive Selection, Ask the Characters)

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While an exeriment a Pevanida, Slash had the appearance of an anthropomorphic wolf who was severed down the middle, connected only by tendrils of sinew. While working for Ouroboros he underwent dermal reconstruction, and now looks like a normal being. He also demonstrated seemingly unlimited psionic powers, including generation of dangerous objects such as walls of spikes and sawblades, and manipulation of preexisting objects to harm those in proximity (he rigged a security camera to explode and kill the guards near it.) Slash's unique power is the ability to cut anything he can visualize, from people to mechanics.  Later development of his power altered this ablity to be able to rejoin matter he had cut, enabling both concealment of his activites as well as the ability to rig up a variety of traps.  He also possessed a low-level psychic link with Agito, enabling flawless joint strikes between the two.


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