Siberys is a dragon experiment that was created at Pelvanida Research base. He was created by lbt/cty lover. While at SORA Gas & Electric, he used the alias Sir Beys.

Character sheetEdit

His original character sheet (posted by lbt/cty lover) was as follows:

Name: Siberys
Age: 25
Species: Anthro Dragon
Faction: Psi-Experiments
Specializations: psychokinesis (up to a ton)
Psi-Powers: telekinesis (mind-reading)
Personality: Siberys has kept his past secret. Until he was chosen as an experiment, he was a researcher on genetics. He used to work out daily, building up his physical strength. He now somewhat resents his experimentation on, though.

Character HistoryEdit

Before February 2009Edit

Siberys was one of the well-behaved experiments who was very excited to participate in testing. Rudyard Shelton mentioned that Siberys was one of the first experiments shown to job applicants due to his enthusiastic and cooperative personality. (Ask the Characters)

February 2009Edit

Siberys was one of the first to join James' team and while he participated in many of the skrimishes, he didn't really develop relationships or interact with the others in any meaningful way. He did survive, however. (Darwin's Soldiers)

Before September 2009Edit

After the terrorist incident Siberys relocated to a colony for dragons, but was ostracized for his powers. He desired to have the powers removed. Before that, he independantly learned about Dragonstorm and decided to fight his own war against them. Using the alias Sir Beys, he single-handedly shut down SORA Gas & Electric, killed DS-4 and a member of DS-1. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)

September 2009Edit

Siberys later volunteered to be the test subject for a Crimson Base testing procedure designed to remove experimental powers. While initial tests seemed successful, his powers returned very suddenly upon Crimson Base being destroyed by rockets fired from New Peenemunde Harbor. He put up a force field saving himself and Wayne Anthony, one of the scientists who worked on him.

After September 2009Edit

Siberys died sometime before 2039, due to complications regarding the experimental vaccine he took. (Disruptive Selection)

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