Sharon Varma was a mechanic who worked at Pelvanida Research Base. She worked in the magnetics lab.

Character historyEdit

Before February 2009Edit

Sharon mentioned in Cornova that she was born in New Mexico, and that she'd visited Four Corners before you had to pay to get in.  (Disruptive Selection)

February 2009Edit

Sharon was trapped in the magnetics lab, tied to a pipe for 5 hours. She was finally freed by James Zanasiu where she joined the team as another gun, and followed the team until the end. (Darwin's Soldiers)

After the terrorist incident, Sharon was fired along with a large number of other personnel responsible. She got a job as a mechanic in Southport, but she felt lost, and wanted to feel the adrenaline rush she got from the life or death situations experienced in Pelvanida. When Southport was destroyed by Subject 19, she was one of three inhabitants, along with Dr. Anne Williams and Dr. Pauline Wayne, that managed to escape on Azreal's helicopter, where she was reunited with James' team. She joined them for th remaining battles and even confronted Johnson Zenarchis directly, though he shot her through the arm. With Dr.  Micah Landon's help she made a full recovery. 

Afterward she continued living with James Zanasiu. She gave birth to one child (James Zanasiu Jr) and adopted another (Erik Varma-Zanasiu). She was among the teammates who reunited at the movie theater in 2039. (Disruptive Selection)


Sharon also appears in the Gang of Five Holidays 2k13!! RP.


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