A clone of William Shakespeare was one of the dangerous experiments stored in the sublevels of Pelvanida. Its cell was 2B.

Character historyEdit

The Shakespeare clone was created by Werner Donitz, a professed fan of the Bard who hoped it could create new Shakespeare plays (the Disease). In life, the clone appeared to have no powers, but upon his death he discovered he could continue to exist as an incorporeal spirit. He also appeared to have some sort of mind-reading power, as he instantly knew everything about Sophie without her having to tell him. (Next of Kin)

February 2009Edit

Cale accidentally entered the clone's cell while looking for Lockdown. The clone was just finishing his latest play, but both the play and its creator was destroyed by a whirlwind of glass shards created by Cale. (Darwin's Soldiers)

Upon its powers activating, the now-incorporeal clone decided merely to remain in Pelvanida's sublevels. Subsequently, he 'survived' Pelvanida's destruction from Crimson Base's nuke, and lived alone in the sublevels for many years.

When Sophie Donitz jumped through the Einstein-Rosen bridge from Vurna and wound up in Pelvanida, the spirit helped her escape the sublevels. It talked to her about itself, Pelvanida, and her father, and requested that she tell nobody of his existence when she reached civilization. She honored that wish.

However, when she returned to Pelvanida with the military pursuing her, the spirit revealed itself to Steven Johnson, Carol Smithson, Oscar Shelton, Aisha Tennes, and Micah Landon to help defend Sophie from the military. (Next of Kin)



  • With over ten real-world years, the Shakespeare clone holds the record for longest period of real-world time between appearances, claiming the title from Joey.
  • The clone appropriately tended to speak in iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets.
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