Seska was an inhabitant of Gaman.

Character HistoryEdit

Seska was the final girl in a long line of girls who were chosen to be named "Seska" after the wife of Gaman's founder, Gamas.

Seska lived in the castle with King Gamas during the medieval period of Gaman's history. She briefly met James' team before the team was captured.

Later, when shooting broke out, King Gamas hid Seska in a secret passageway leading from the throne room to the forest. Siberys used this passageway to enter the throne room and hold Seska hostage, threatening her life if King Gamas didn't call off his soldiers. When King Gamas complied, Siberys then tried to force King Gamas to kill himself. James was forced to shoot him to allow his team to escape.

Seska survived the transition from Gaman rule to Sapaar. She was kept around the premier as a symbol of the Sapaar's complete domination of the Gamanians.

When James' team reappeared, she gave testimony in trial regarding their actions last time they visited the planet.

Later, during the Union's assault on the nuclear power plant, Seska was imprisoned in the wepons testing room, but James rescued her. She then escaped the planet on a shuttlecraft with James' team. (Card of Ten)

However, when Hawkeye flew the shuttle through the bridge, Seska was spat back out onto Gaman and an anti-matter copy of her made the trip to safety. Joining Werner and his escaping men, Seska reached a shuttlecraft and was among those who escaped the planet's destruction.

She was at odds with the surviving Gamanians, due to her percieved luxury during Sapaar rule. On Gaman's moon, she was among those who constantly questioned Werner's authority and choices. During the Sapaar assault on their camp, Seska's ankle was wounded. She was the only wounded settler who refused a stretcher, instead fashioning a crutch for walking. (Ship of State)

Seska witnessed the founding of Vurna colony and later married Werner, the colony leader. They had a child, Sophie Donitz, who later saved their lives by jumping to Earth and finding the cure when they fell ill from the gate plague. (Next of Kin)



  • Seska receives more lines than any other inhabitant of Gaman. She is also the most seen.
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