Security Team B was a team of Pelvanida security guards during the terrorist invasion.

In his first action of the terrorist invasion, Rudyard Shelton sounded the general alarm from the control room and ordered Security Team B to report to James Zanasiu's office.

However, the team never arrived, and can be presumed dead. (Darwin's Soldiers)


  • The beginning of the GOF RP was rocky, as Serris, f-22 "raptor" ace, and LettuceBacon&Tomato were all online and started posting simultaneously. In the first 30 minutes, many posts were edited or deleted to comply with other posts made seconds before or after. Security Team B was the worst casualty; at one point, the team arrived, included an anthro-Dragon, and James, Zachary, and Werner got to witness their death by bazooka. However, due to post edits, this scene was altered so that they never arrived.


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