The Schutzhund is a military themed shooting competition that is held around the world.


Competitions are graded and segregated according to species.

There are 4 tests: tracking, practical shooting, "obedience" and protection.

Tracking: competitor has to find and disable a simulated explosive device within a certain time limit. Scoring is dependent on how fast the competitor finds said device. "Setting" off the device or running out of time is an automatic failure.

Practical shooting: competitor has to negotiate obstacle course that has 15 targets (some may be "penalty targets"). They have to shoot the targets as fast and as accurately as possible with a given amount of ammunition. They may use any firearm they see fit (they may carry a long gun and a pistol if they wish to or a single pistol or a single long gun). Scoring is determined by how fast the course is negotiated and accuracy. Points are lost for shooting penalty targets or missing. Running out of ammunition is an automatic failure.

"Obedience": the competitor is paired up with a two other partners and they are to "clear" a building of "hostiles". They are given simulated ammunition for their weapons. Points are awarded on accuracy, efficiency and team work. Points are lost for shooting "hostages". Friendly fire is an automatic failure.

Protection: the competitor is assigned a "VIP" to escort through a hostile area. The competitor is given simulated ammunition. Points are awarded for "hostiles" neutralized and speed. If the VIP "dies" (i.e. his paint-veined suit is ruptured), that is an automatic failure.

2009 competitionEdit

The 2009 Competition took place in Culeston, Oregon. It was disrupted after only a few events when Terror Squad and Subject 19 kidnapped Cobalt Leader and Neville Ivers, two of the participants.

Named Competitors for 2009Edit

  • Cobalt Leader
  • Neville Ivers

Named Workers for 2009Edit

  • Paul - Event supervisor.
  • Shakila Brennan - Due to a misunderstanding was used as a "hostage" in the Obedience test.
  • Aimee - Due to a misunderstanding was used as a "hostage" in the Obedience test.

2039 competitionEdit

Schutzhund was still an active event 30 years later. Neville Ivers mentioned that he was a popular contender to win this year, and he left the movie theater to continue training. He also mentioned the current competition would be Pelvanida-themed.


  • In sharp contrast to the Darwin's Soldier's version, the real life version of the Schutzhund is a dog sport.
    • Inspite of this, there is a nod to the real-life Schutzhund when it was mentioned that only canines in the military were originally allowed to participate.
  • Shelton saved his VIP suit (which has veins of red paint woven into it, to demonstrate when a VIP is shot). He later used it to fake his own death when attempting to separate himself from Dragonstorm.
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