SORA Gas & Electric was an energy provider located in Alaska. It was Dragonstorm's primary energy provider until being taken over by anti-Dragonstorm saboteurs.


Sometime before September 2009 Siberys, using the alias Sir Beys, replaced the head of operations with Gilead Conch, an invalid, so Siberys could control the base as Conch's assistant.

Camilla also mentioned having visited SORA sometime before the DS-4 incident.

When DS-4 with Commander Turnus investigated why SORA had stopped sending energy supplies, Sir Beys had them killed.

Two weeks later, DS-1 arrived, looking for DS-4. Though Siberys attempted to kill DS-1, several problems, such as him recognizing Rudyard Shelton among the personnel and wanting to protect him, caused problems. Eventually, team sniper Hippolytes sacrificed himself to destroy SORA, though the rest of DS-1 and Siberys escaped. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)

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  • Much like WBPI News, it is never revealed what 'SORA' stood for. LettuceBacon&Tomato has stated that he just picked the acronym because it "had the sound he was looking for."
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