Rucker Jamesson, also known by his codename Ajax, was a Dragonstorm commando during the events after the evacuation of Pelvanida.

Character historyEdit

September 2009Edit

Ajax was the commander of DS-2. Under his leadership, the team achieved accomplishments that included rescuing the captured Ian Branston during the battle of Lab 101 and organizing the convoy for escape. Ajax was one of two individuals, the other being Achates, who spurred the convoy into escaping, saving hundreds of Dragonstorm personnel from being captured.

Following this, Ajax, won a medal and was promoted to Chief DS organizer following the capture of Dr. Branston. Achates was promoted to DS-2 commander under him. Ajax oversaw the DS counterattack to the anti-Dragonstorm commandos who attacked the Idaho Prison Base. When Crimson Base nuked the base, Ajax attempted to flee on foot, and was vaporized mere feet away from the base. (Disruptive Selection')


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