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The rooftops level is the first level of Gamer 2 (not counting the tutorial menu level). It begins with a cutscene where Kora explains to Hailey that she should head downtown to reach a factory that contains a portal to escape the game.

With no way of dealing damage, Hailey must jump over any hazards. Four zombies and a slime monster are staggered between the first and second checkpoints, and two bats and a zombie block her path afterwards. Throughout the level, Hailey can die by failing a jump between rooftops, which will cause her to respawn at a checkpoint.

The last rooftop has an entrance into the building, which begins the building level.


  • The pair of zombies can only be successfully jumped over if they are currently walking towards Hailey.
  • If you still have your deflector plate, walk right through the slime monster without stopping. The invincibility frames after losing your deflector plate are long enough to reach the end of the slime monster, and there's a checkpoint immediately after.
  • LettuceBacon&Tomato posted a YouTube video showcasing this level on October 2014, three years before the game finally came out.