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Dr. Robin Kyle was a scientist who worked at Pelvanida research base. He worked in Electrical Engineering, and was the back-up control admin. His assistant was Wayne Anthony.

Character history[]

Before February 2009[]

According to Rudyard Shelton, he and Dr. Kyle constructed the energy blade Neku discovered in the Advanced Weapons Testing Room. (Darwin's Soldiers)

July 2009[]

According to Dr. Keith Bailey, after the terrorist incident, Kyle was replaced by Dr. Ian Branston, and Bailey became control admin instead.

After Shelton escaped the lab Delta Leader had trapped in him, he reached Electrical Engineering, and used Kyle's password to log in to one of the computers. (Survival of the Fittest)

September 2009[]

While sleeping in a hotel, Shelton accidentally pocket-texted Drs. Kelton, Kerzach, and Kyle. Kyle's reply text of "What?" woke Shelton up the next morning. (Disruptive Selection)



  • Dr. Kyle is a running gag in the Gang of Five RPs; he is mentioned in every RP, but never seen.
  • It's never revealed why Dr. Kyle was fired following the events of the terrorist invasion, since he was never shown participating with the defenders.