Jackson Riley was the assistant to Dr. Fenton Bradley at Pelvanida Research base, and a member of the Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance.

Character HistoryEdit

Before July 2009Edit

Riley and Dr. Bradley confronted Dr. Ian Branston regarding the secrecy and priveliges surrounding Lab 101 and its occupants. Dr. Branston blew them off. (Darwin's Soldiers Drabbles)

July 2009Edit

Dr. Bradley was working with Riley in the ADSA headquarters when Wayne Anthony brought James' team there. They went with James' team to the control room. Later, when Dragonstorm soldiers assaulted the control room, Riley was hit in the side, and fell unconscious. (Survival of the Fittest)



  • Since Anthony, Bradley, Allan Falco, and Erik Bjurling were called the last surviving members of ADSA, it can be assumed that Riley died of his injury.
  • His first name, Jackson, was revealed in Darwin's Soldiers Drabbles.
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