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Ridley was an eagle or hawk experiment created by Dragonstorm. He was converted by Rudyard Shelton to work for James' team.

Character history[]

July 2009[]

Ridley started as a nameless experiment among the many created in Lab 101. He was almost finished when Shelton and Yuri Kerzach broke into Lab 101 and found him. Shelton prevented the final part of the experimental process from ocurring, saving Ridley from having his mind destroyed and wired into a mindless soldier for Dragonstorm.

At this time, Howard Hicks found the trespassers in Lab 101 and sicced a huge experiment on them. Ridley saved Kerzach and Shelton by first holding off the experiment, then flying the two through the destroyed ceiling onto the next floor. there, thee three met up with the rest of James' team.

It was here that Shelton named him, and passed him onto Roy Hawkeye, who developed a friendship with the fellow avian. Hawkeye eventually could translate what the bird said.

During the car chase through Las Vegas, where James' team chased a Dragonstorm convoy carrying the escaping Lab 101, Ridley attacked and destroyed a Dragonstorm helicopter that had been taking potshots at the team's vehicles. Ridley died in the attempt, but James later said the whoe team was in his debt. (Survival of the Fittest)

Comments by Hawkeye suggested that he was able to save Ridley's conscience, which was later incorporated into his own. When Hawkeye fell unconscious during the collapsing of the oil rig, Ridley took over and ran Hawkeye's body to safety on board the Dragonstorm A-2. (Disruptive Selection)



  • When asked why he named the bird Ridley, Shelton said, "It was a close call, between that and Steve, but I finally decided he was too charming to be named after my stepbrother."
    • More likely than not, Ridley is named after the recurring villain from the Metroid series, who is also a mechanical bird.
  • Ridley is the only Dragonstorm experiment to recieve a name or any sort of character development, unless Aimee and Viper count as Dragonstorm experiments.