Ricky's Signature

Ricky's signature

Richard Warden, known colloquially as Ricky, was a former night-watchmen at Pelvanida and later formed his own force of time-traveling international thieves.

Character HistoryEdit

Before October 2009Edit

Ricky continued to work at Pelvanida after the terrorist attack, and one night discovered the anti-matter Shelton, Dr. Joe, Lockdown, Zachary when they returned through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. He kidnapped them, trapped them in the Red Dunes Mesa, and gathered a team of men from the Carson City gangs. At some point he also sucessfully stole the Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

October 2009Edit

Requiring a generator for the bridge, he first tried to blackmail Cale to join his team. When that failed, he blackmailed Hans Donitz and Yuri Kerzach, which both worked. Ricky forced Hans and Shelton to build his generator by threatening Dr, Joe and Lockdown, and upon completion, traveled through the bridge with all his men and prisoners.

Before December 1990Edit

However, he hadn't realized that the bridge wouldn't come with them, and trapped himself in 1990. After killing Lockdown as punishment, Ricky forced Shelton and Hans to build him a new bridge, later called the Intraorbital Tri-Dimensional Gateway. He used this device to travel around the world and steal valuables and equipment from other countries.

December 1990Edit

On December 8, James Zanasiu, Cale, and Werner Donitz came looking for Hans. Ricky's men wounded Werner and captured James. After interrogating James, Ricky threw them both in the holding cell. Later, when they escaped and fighting broke out, Ricky tried to escape with Shelton, Zachary, and his men, but was stopped by Cale, who killed everybody but Ricky. Ricky escaped through the ITG, but James followed him, and killed him in a zero-gravity knife fight. (Pavlov's Checkmate)


  • Ricky's signature on the letter he sent to Hans is the only example from Darwin's Soldiers of text that's an unsual size or font. The font used was "Blackadder ITC". Ricky is one of two characters whose handwriting we have seen, the other is Rudyard Shelton when he drew his map.
  • "Ricky's men" is chronologically the last faction to appear in Darwin's Soldiers.
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