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Dr. Richard Anderson was a scientist who worked at Pelvanida during the 1995. His assistant was Earnest MacElroy.

Character history[]

Before Feburary 2009[]

On September 22 1995, Anderson witnessed Lockdown turn a cabinet into a similar amount of anti-matter, which quickly broke up into ether particles. He recorded the event in his online diary, which Rudyard Shelton read during the terrorist invasion in February 2009. (Darwins Soldiers)

MacElroy and Anderson operated on Ashley at least twice after she was kidnapped and brought to Pelvanida. Ashley proved to be capable of waking up despite maximum sedation, and the second time both witnessed her plane shift into the anti-matter universe. (Ground One)

After September 2009[]

Richard had anti-particles in his system due to his work with anti-matter. He was still alive by the time Sophie Donitz visited Earth, as Oscar Shelton mentioned he'd had anti-particles in his system for over forty years by then. This didn't stop Anderson from running the summer Ironman regularly. (Next of Kin)