Rhino is a mechanical Rhinoceros that was part of Terror Squad until he was killed in action.

Part of Terror SquadEdit

He, like Marcus, joined Terror Squad at the request of Trinity and became the heavy weapons specialist for the team. As he was part of said team, he went on to first face off against Subject 18 in a bit of a fist fight as the orders stood to have Subject 18 killed. However, he failed in doing so, finding out that Subkect 18 had a dangerous healing ability thanks to some nanotechnology and was instead, beaten himself by being pushed down an elevator shaft.

After climbing out, Subject 18 had escaped while he himself, was damaged somewhat as Marcus fixed him back up to normal standards.

Death of a mechanical beingEdit

At the local Schutzhund Competition, he was left to stand guard and did so without retaliation. Yet, when things went from bad to worse at the competition, he grabbed his own minigun from the back of the van and approached James' team, opening fire on the group. He was unable to register any kills however, yet, still managed to put up a fight in the process as the others opened fire on him and started to damage him. Rhino continued to fight onwards as he was being shot at, yet, once his core was struck, he started to stumble around before it was damaged even more and seconds later, he fell to the ground, damaged for a few more seconds until his core exploded, killing him in the process.