The Red Dune Caves are the local name for a group of mountains in the Nevadan deserts. The most prominent landmark is a large mesa with several caves dotting the mountainside.

In October 2009 a group of gangsters led by Richard Warden kidnapped the Einstein-Rosen bridge as it was being carried to Area 51 and hid with it in the caves. They also kept Oscar Shelton, Steven Johnson, Josephine Smithson, and Lockdown hostage (the survivors of the away team). They then used the bridge to travel back to 1990, where they stranded themselves. They strong-armed Shelton and Hans Donitz into building them an Intraorbital Tri-Dimensional Gateway and became international smugglers and thieves.

Then James Zanasiu, Werner Donitz, Aisha Tennes, Rudyard Shelton, and Cale visited the Red Dune Caves, attempting to locate Hans. All of them except Aisha and Shelton traveled back in time and defeated the smugglers, rescuing Hans and the captives. (Pavlov's Checkmate)

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