Reavan was the schoolteacher in Vurna colony.

Character historyEdit

Reavan was one of the Sapaar who escaped Gaman's destruction in one of Trano's shuttlecraft. He later became a colonist when the Gamanians and Sapaar merged into one colony.

One day Reavan ended class early because Sophie Donitz smoked the schoolhouse out, though he wasn't sure how. He complained to Werner about this, who insisted he'd speak to his daughter about it.

Later, Reavan joined Werner's search party to find Sophie after she went missing, though they were unsuccessful.

When Menken and Trano became joint leaders of the colony, Menken declared that Gamanian children no longer had to attend Reavan's school, claiming he showed favor to the Sapaar kids. Trano claimed the opposite. (Next of Kin)

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