Protesilaus was a member of DS-1. He was the team demolitions expert.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

Protesilaus went on numerous missions with DS-1, including the theft of the solar panel array from the Zzyzx Desert Studies Center. Protesilaus jeopardized the ultimately-failed mission bysetting off a round of explosives in the middle of the solar panel array.

On what would be DS-1's penultimate mission, they were sent to SORA Gas & Electric to investigate the disappearance of DS-4, who was last seen there. Like the rest of the team, Protesilaus surrendered his weapons at the door, but managed to smuggle a pistol in.

In Sir Beys' office, Protesilaus was attacked by autoturrets, and was among the teammates to escape the office. After that, he, Dolon, and Achates set out in search of the security room. Protesilaus found it after abandoning his two allies out of frustration.

With Amphinomus and Camilla, he witnessed over the cameras Achates and Dolon escape Sir Beys. The three retrieved the electric rifle, and Protesilaus went with Amphinomus to rescue Dolon in the wind tunnel.

Protesilaus ran out of ammo in his pistol after the rescue and amphinomus gave him Achates' micropistol. He used it against Sir Beys in the final fight but was quickly incapacitated. Dolon saved his and Amphinomus' lives by opening the Thor's Iris above them as the base collapsed.

After the base was destroyed, Achates and Camilla rescued the other teammates. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)

September 2009Edit

For the final mission, DS-1 searched the area around Culeston to locate James' team, who had been sighted in the area. After 48 hours of straight searching, they set up a trap for a van with James Zanasiu and a number of others in it, but in the ensuing firefight every member of DS-1 except Achates was killed. Protesilaus was shot in the chest, becoming the first casulty of the battle. (Disruptive Selection)


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