The protagonist is the primary character in a story, or the playable character in a video game. While a story can have multiple main characters, the protagonist is the focus of the plot. (The equivalent characters in the role-plays are primary characters.)

James Zanasiu is considered the main character of the Darwin's Soldiers role-plays, while his Furtopia counterpart is the protagonist of Darwin's Soldiers (Furtopia). Dr. Jan Orlich is the main character of the reboot and James Zanasiu Jr is the main character of Chasing Seconds.

Story Protagonist
Card of Ten James Zanasiu (anti-matter)
Schrodinger's Prisoners Rudyard Shelton
Pavlov's Checkmate James Zanasiu
Nietzsche's Soldiers Rudyard Shelton
Fool's Gold Yuri Kerzach
Nietzsche's Soldiers 2 Amphinomus
Ship of State Werner Donitz (anti-matter)
New Divide Hailey
Zero Hour Viper
Gamer Hailey
Aftermath Neku
Nietzsche's Soldiers 3 Keegan O'Neil
Ground One Neku (anti-matter)
Kinsey's Mimic Sharon Varma
Following the Family Business Micah Landon jr.
Byte Me ROSS
the Disease Werner Donitz
Next of Kin Sophie Donitz

Game Protagonist
Find the Cure! The Traveler
Gamer 2 Hailey
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