Prinophalyne is a chemical. It would turn blood white if that blood was from a patient infected with anti-particles.

Halsey passed out vials of prinophalyne to his lieutenants during the Pelvanida incident, so they could identify Lockdown who they needed to power the bridge.

Hans Donitz retained his vial of prinophalyne in his medic bag, and it was duplicated (along with everything else) when Hans jumped through the Einstein-Rosen bridge. (Card of Ten)

Many many years later, while living in Vurna colony, it was one of Hans' few remaining pharmaceuticals when he and Werner were trying to figure out why Seska had fallen into a coma. The prinophalyne revealed that Seska had anti-particles, cluing Hans into the realization that the Einstein-Rosen bridge had caused her coma.

Oscar Shelton was also aware of prinophalyne's ability to identify anti-particles, though he could only remember it as "something that starts with P". (Next of Kin)


  • Prinophalyne's name is inspired by Phenolphthalein, an actual chemical that turns pink when exposed to basic solutions.
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