A second potted plant was encountered by Rudyard Shelton when he was trying to find Yuri Kerzach in the sinking oil rig. The plant asured him it was buoyant, so Shelton carried it to use as a floatation device. It turned out the plant had lied. Nevertheless, Shelton brought it with him when he was rescued by James' team on Dragonstorm A-2. (Disruptive Selection)

22 years later, Shelton continued to care for the plant in his retirement, despite it having been exposed to lethal amounts of salt water and being far past its normal life span; Shelton attributed his miraculous green thumb to his ability to talk to plants. (Shelton's Last Day)


  • This potted plant may be the same as the first potted plant Shelton encountered on the oil rig. However, no connection was ever stated and this plant had an intact pot.
  • This plant is the only living thing rescued from the oil rig; all other inhabitants perished.
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