"Pilot" is the series premiere to Chasing Seconds. It was released on October 23, 2013 and can be read here.


In 2033, the President of the United States reveals an Einstein-Rosen bridge to a gathered crowd at the White House garden. He hails a new age of transportation and praises the bridge creators (who are not present for the ceremony: James Zanasiu, Yuri Kerzach, and Rudyard Shelton.

Elsewhere, James Zanasiu Jr and Malte Kerzach, the children of the above, are in their dorm room at University of California, Three Rivers having an argument. Malte wishes to attend a lecture by Professor Meeker about the bridge, but James convinces him to participate in the Nudie Run, a non-school-sanctioned activity.

After the Nudie Run, Malte and James find themselves locked out of the dorms. They run into a young woman who loans them her coats, but in return says to meet her for dinner tomorrow.

At the Lapin Amore, she identifies herself as Florence Brennan, the daughter of Shakila Brennan and Rudyard Shelton. She was with Shelton when he died, and he told her suspicious things about the Einstein-Rosen bridge. When she learns that James' father mysteriously jumped through the bridge when James was ten, Florence tries to convince them to investigate, but the meeting ends on a bad note when Malte insults her for being poor and too curious for her own good.

The next day, Malte recieves the motivation to investigate when his mother mysteriously dies on her birthday, telling him that there were many secrets revolving around the bridge invention and urging him to seek them out. She gives him two presents: his father's passcard to Carson City Camp and old switchblade.

Malte, James, and Florence go to Carson City Camp and learn about their fathers' past history from General Mitchell Crota. He shows them the coordinates for the time and location Dr. Zanasiu jumped through the bridge and Malte copies it without him knowing. That night, Pomson assaults them in the dorm room but is knocked out by Florence. Withdrawing a thousand dollars from the bank, the three head for the airport to fly to Washington DC, where Florence says she has a contact.


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