Pietr Kozlov was a leading member of Dragonstorm since it's inception, and a former employee of Pelvanida.

Character historyEdit

before February 2009Edit

Kozlov went to University of California, Three Rivers. While there, he met Johnson Zenarchis, and formed Dragonstorm along with Lester Montgomery and Howard Hicks.

He originally agreed not to allow Keegan O'Neil to join, but like the others he was convinced after O'Neil showed just how useful he could be. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

After college, Kozlov got a job at Pelvanida with the other Dragonstorm heads.

February 2009Edit

During the terrorist invasion, Kozlov led a team composing of himself, O'Neil, Hicks, and Montgomery in an attempt to locate Dr. James Zanasiu, a scientist who had recently acquired a disk of Dragonstorm information. In a shootout in Yuri Kerzach's laboratory, Kozlov held Zanasiu hostage and demanded that the voice on the other end of the radio bring them the disc. The voice replying by blaring feedback through the earpiece and deafening Kozlov, starting the shootout.

Kozlov, Hicks, and Montgomery were captured, and brought to the control room. There they stayed for some time, until during a moment of distraction the three broke their bonds and attacked the occupants. Before they got very far, the control room was simultaneously attacked by the hitman and Murakami, and the hitman killed Kozlov before being killed himself by Murakami. (Darwin's Soldiers)



  • Shelton mentioned that Kozlov is the inventor of the "unpatented flare shotgun." According to Darwin's Soldiers Drabbles, Kozlov was close to getting his funding cut. Another invention of his, the flachette flamethrower, is steadfastly avoided by both sides during a heavy shootout in the Advanced Weapons Testing Room.
  • Kozlov's surname originally fluctuated between being spelled 'Kozlov' and 'Koslov', before Serris finally declared that Kozlov was the canon spelling. After the first role-pay, the correct spelling became standard.
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