Paul Gamay was a member of the sublevel guard at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character historyEdit

February 2009Edit

As a member of the sublevel guard, Paul witnessed and participated in the capture of Rudyard Shelton, the later alliance with James' team, and the final shootout in the hangar. (Darwin's Soldiers)

after February 2009Edit

Like all members of the sublevel guard, Gamay was fired following the terrorist incident. He got a job working for Rara Terra Smelting. When he rescued Yuri Kerzach from being killed by Jake Sachs, he allied with him to help stop Dragonstorm.

He died when the pair tried to stop a truck they thought contained the lanthanides. He killed Jackson and had Lu in a stranglehold, but had sustained lethal injuries in the process. He told Kerzach to shoot through him to get Lu, as he probably was not going to survive anyway. Kerzach honored his last request. (Fool's Gold)

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