Ouroboros was a shadowy and little-known organization dedicated to bringing down Dragonstorm. Neku, Cale, Roy Hawkeye, Ryu Kagetora, Slash, and Agito were recrited by Ouroboros after the events of the terrorist incident at Pelvanida. As perks for joining, Oruboros made all six of them rich, along with a specific perk for each of them.

Neku: Improved Beam Saber--Stronger blade, easier to use, cuts through anything softer than titanium.

Kagetora: Tungsten-carbide Swords-- Kagetora's swords were enhanced with Tungsten-carbide coating to strengthen them and allow them to deflect stronger attacks

Hawkeye: High-efficiency weapons systems-- Lower energy consumption with no drop in power

Optic cloak: Incomplete optical camoflauge system, eneables stealthier movements

Slash: Dermal reconstruction--Slash no longer is torn in half, and looks like any normal person

Agito: Straitjacket removed

All: Reinforced clothing--Light bulletproofing in suits.

Cale's perk was never mentioned.

Roux referred to herself several times as if she were a part of this group, despite no evidence pointing to this being true. However, when these six betrayed James' team, they admitted that Ouroboros was actually a lie constructed to disguise the fact that they were Dragonstorm agents.

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