Oli Struth was an assistant stationed at Pelvanida Research Base. He was Johnson Zenarchis' assistant.

Character historyEdit

Oli grew up in Fresno, California. He knew Keegan O'Neil from a young age, and followed him because O'Neil's strong personality overrode his own. His parents owned a jewelry company, which earned enough money to pay for his college degree.

Oli went to University of California Three Rivers with the core founders of Dragonstorm. He was O'Neil's roommate. During their freshman year he joined Sigma Sampi Omicron but was bullied by O'Neil into providing the information needed to shut the fraternity down. He later became one of the first three lieutenants of Dragonstorm. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

After college, he followed Dragonstorm to Pelvanida.

February 2009Edit

During the terrorist invasion, Zenarchis' body double was killed in his laboratory by Steven Cass, and Oli defended the Dragonstorm disc inside. James Zanasiu, Zachary Johnson, Wayne Anthony, and later Vic Summers subdued him and carted him up to the control room to be watched over by Werner Donitz and Rudyard Shelton. Oli later attacked and attempted to kill Shelton, but Werner killed him with his Berettas.


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