Nixx was a Dragonstorm experiment. She was a "sleeper," in that she was not aware of this and was designed to lose all personality and follow orders once given the proper command.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

Nixx and Zyanya were programmed to have an undying rivalry, causing them to endlessly attempt to kill each other. Nixx's fighting style was very random and involved injecting herself with syringes from a bag that seemingly carried an endless supply.

September 2009Edit

During a fight, the two crashed through the roof of New Peenemunde Harbor and encountered James' team. They took a brief break from their feud to help these new allies out, mainly at the behest of Micah Landon and Aisha Tennes, who had developed crushes on Zyanya and Nizz respectively.

She gave Rudyard Shelton one of her syringes when he expressed curiosity in how they worked. He later used this syringe on himself and developed the ability to talk to plants.

They traveled with the team to the oil rig, where Trinity activated their sleeper subroutines, causing them to attack their former allies and strand Aimee with Trinity, for their final duel. Nixx proved to be a match for the entire team of attackers, but when it came time to kill Aimee was instead persuaded to override her sleeper commands for her friends. With her newly-found motivation of friendship, she defeated Zyanya and the two became free.

After the events of the Dragonstorm incident she lived with Aisha and Roux. (Disruptive Selection) Using scientific advances that allowed lesbians to fertilize each other, Nixx has two children with Aisha, Aidan and Susie. (Following the Family Business)

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