Nietzsche's Soldiers:Will to Power is a story written by LettuceBacon&Tomato. It was posted from October 27, 2009 to January 28, 2010, and can be found here.

The story takes place between Survival of the Fittest and Disruptive Selection. It serves as a sequel of sorts to Schrödinger's Prisoners.


The story starts with Kerzach attempting to steal some codes from a research station manned by Lester Montgomery. He is able to view the codes, but finds them too complicated to memorize. He returns to inform Dr. Shelton, and witnesses Dr. Shelton and everybody else in the camp fall asleep.

Kerzach revives Shelton, and leads them away from a trio of Dragonstorm commandos, who are scouring the campsite. Shelton experienced signs of anterograde amnesia, forgetting to avoid the commandos and getting captured. Awakening in a small room, Shelton met Eddie McKay, a fellow amnesiac who doesn't remember anything but his name. The two were tortured by Alpha Leader, but later escaped. Reaching Lab 101, Shelton was almost captured by by Gamma Leader, but Eddie killed Gamma with a mop handle. The pair reached Kerzach and the trio returned to Lab 101, Eddie sniping Beta Leader from a rooftop. In the base, they discovered that Dr. Bruce Tinner was attempting to modify his virtual reality machine to 'hide' Dragonstorm from the rest of the world. They were ambushed by Alpha Leader as Shelton located the route to the virtual reality machine, but Alpha was also killed by Eddie.

The three make it to the virtual reality machine, where Tinner incapacitated and assaulted Kerzach and Eddie. He explained that Eddie was his assistant, who tried to sabotage the machine and was memory-wiped as a result. When Kerzach lashed back, Tinner fled, and Shelton followed him back to his tent. Tinner threatened to wipe Shelton's memory with his machine, until both witnessed Eddie blow up the virtual reality machine with himself inside it. Kerzach then killed Tinner, rescuing Shelton.



  • This is the fourth story to include Dr. Shelton, and the third to include Dr. Kerzach.
  • The AI who helped Eddie explode the machine was James Zanasiu from Schrödinger's Prisoners. In both stories, the James AI was programmed to cause as much destruction as possible.
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